New Self-Pressurizing Massage Pad Offers Unique, Soothing Treatment For Both Pain And Stress

Back pain is a terrible problem- it plagues tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people worldwide.

There’s 2 really bad effects of back pain: The physical pain, and the mental pain.

Physical back pain can stop you from enjoying your favorite activities. It will make it harder to sleep, harder to sit comfortably on a couch or chair, and overall make your day worse.

It gets worse- living with back pain can have severe repercussions on your mind, and even your mental health. When you can’t do your favorite activities, or even lie down happily to relax in bed, or on a couch… What’s worse than that?

The YogaZen Acupressure Mat and Pillow was invented to solve *both* of these problems at once! It works with 2 major functions, together- that help to ease physical back pain, and treat stress at the source; and, at the same time, help to directly relax your mind, and bring you peace. Read on to see how it works!

Step 1: Relax Your Body…

The Massage Mat can be simply laid down on any flat surface. It works great on floors, but can do a great job even on a couch or in a bed.

When you lie down flat- either on your back, or your side- the weight of your body will gently sink your muscles into the mat.

As you slowly sink into the acupressure surface, the lotus points will have a gentle, thorough massaging effect across your back muscles. The gentle pressure of the points will have a massaging effect and stimulate blood flow, helping to reduce pain, loosen the muscles, massage the nerves, and stimulate oxygen delivery with boosted circulation

Step 2: Relax your Mind…

As your body sinks into the cushion, and the healing effect begins, you’ll likely start to feel much more relaxed.

With pain reduced, and your body cozily supported by the gentle cushion, this will be a perfect chance to do whatever you want to do- read a book, meditate, watch TV, or just let your mind wander.

The effect builds on itself; the more you lay on the mat, the better the effect will become, and the happier you’ll be. This can in turn keep you staying on the mat and relaxing more- putting you in an upwards spiral of physical, mental, and even spiritual healing!

Step 3: Peacefully Heal, Inside & Out

With the deep accupressure of the YogaZen Acupressure Mat and Pillow boosting the circulation and recovery of your back muscles, your pain being subsided, and your mind soothed… You’ll finally have the chance to enjoy that blissful peace that you spend all day at work hoping for!

Using this every day can not only help to reduce back pain, but reduce stress and tension caused by the pain- including direct, and indirect, causes.

With your mind and your body healing, you’ll be in the perfect place to start to finally get the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Where Can I Get One?

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