Are you looking for an effective epilator that leaves your skin soft and smooth?

The way you shave is about to change.

Does it bother you that you have to spend tens of dollars a month on recyclable Shavers? And that they are not effective?  Maybe you’ve tried a thousand methods to fight off the hair on your face or legs? This won’t be a problem for you anymore! Introducing Smoothglide; the award-winning hair removal machine that is burning in sales  Europe, America and Asia!!

We all know how important it is to have an excellent image. It can speak for you and open thousands of doors for you, whether it’s for work, socializing or even meeting the love of your life. We know that you like to look fashionable, with incredible cleanliness that represents your style but imagine having to be removing those uncomfortable hairs that come out on your face day after day is something really exhausting. Plus you’ll be spending money on disposable shavers that only irritate your skin and hurt your complexion.

According to a study conducted by the American Health Society, it is stated that in the United States alone, more than 1.5 billion disposable razors are spent each year, in addition each person spends between 400 and 500 dollars on these products; the report also talks about the damage caused by razors that cost 2 or 5 dollars. Doesn’t that seem like an excessive expense to you? That’s why Smoothglide Rair Removal Kit is presented as the definitive and economic option to protect your skin and take care of your skin.



You may think, but I buy shavers from the best brands ??

If it is true that you can get a small improvement in shaving, the trademarks include polycarbonate alloy plastic in their manufacture.  This is a material that is quite susceptible to the cultivation of some pathogens. So if you want to know why Smoothglide Removal Kit is worth and the special gift you’ll get for your purchase, read on.

Getting to know Smoothglide Hair Removal Kit

After several years of research a Japanese Startup, he made available to the public a revolutionary intelligent and hyper-advanced shaver, based on nano-suction technology that allows not only to cut the hair, but also to pull it out by the root. This slows down hair growth and makes the skin much smoother, softer and more uniform when shaving.

It also has a 380 Mah battery that guarantees extra long life. Another masterful feature is that thanks to its 5-speed BlueStikg engine, it is quite silent compared to other models you can find on the market.

Some models use electric motors by coils which causes pain when using it.

Has this ever happened to you?

If you are a man Smoothglide is the ideal choice, stop having an ugly cut of your beard, Smoothglide cuts details, details and polishes with micro precision in all directions thanks to its Japanese cutting technology. In addition, its ergonomic design allows it to adapt to your skin for a more comfortable and precise cut.


But there is more, we talked to one of the designers of the product who told us: «We think of Women because we know that they love having their soft and incredible legs designed for them a special kit that we will include in their purchase and they can wear those beautiful bikinis» and he adds «Our scientists worked hand in hand with German technology and mixed it with Japanese inventions so that the depilation is perfect and those uncomfortable hairs take several days to come out. as it pulls out each hair by including the micro oscillation technology. something really wonderful!

What do the experts think? Is it really worth it?

We wanted to go further and we asked Dr. Pedro Jean Gen, chosen as the best dermatologist in the world; what he thought about this product and he told us: «I know that nowadays they invent thousands of things to a product so that people buy them. However, I was analyzing the product and I can say that after several tests with my team, we concluded that this product really protects the skin. It does not irritate it to use it less it generates allergies, it is a wonder I recommend it.


✔️ Safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin as it will not leave you irritated, cut or cause allergies.
✔️ Use anywhere there is unwanted hair: safe for all skin types and colours
✔️ Gently removes hair instantly from the root!!! painlessly, anywhere.
✔️ Includes a complete kit for the purchase
✔️ Easy to use with a long battery life
✔️ Perfect for use on your legs, armpits, chest or face.
✔️ Affordable price

If you make your purchase today you will receive a free complete kit that includes

 I want to buy it, what should I do?

In addition to receiving the complete kit for your purchase, we have managed to get a 70% discount. Usually you will find this product between 200 or 350 dollars in specialized stores, but if you buy the product from the official website of the manufacturer you can take it with free shipping anywhere in the world win a special launching offer.



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