Why Is This Antiviral, Antibacterial Air Purifier So Insanely Popular Right Now?

A new, innovative air sterilizer is sweeping through the markets. Apparently, it can do more than make your personal space smell nicer; but, it’s got some other amazing anti-infective properties that just might do wonders for your health…

Everyone wants to stay safe and hygienic, but it’s a real pain to constantly wash your hands, buy Lysol wipes, wipe down surfaces, and sanitize yourself and your personal possessions…

It’s an even trickier problem for households where people are always going to town, or for people who need to travel. They’re always going out, and potentially bringing back new microbes that need to get cleaned off. It causes a constant cycle of hand washing and wiping.

So, when we heard about this new gadget that’s helping millions of people keep their space clean and sterile… We just had to see if it lived up to the hype.

What Is It?

It’s called the Ozone+

The Ozone+ was designed to help people keep themselves and their spaces secure, sterile, and odor-free. It does this by gently releasing controlled, calculated amounts of odorless ozone.

Yup- this ozone can do wonders for keeping any confined area in pristine condition.

So, how does it work? Simply put, the ozone purifies the air, removes foul odors, kills viruses and bacteria at a rate of 99%, bla bla bla…

But, it’s the sheer convenience and efficiency of it that’s got health-conscious people falling in love with it.

So, Why’s this thing so popular?

The Ozone+ makes ozone air purifying technology super affordable, accessible, and- most importantly- convenient. Until this thing came along, it was always a huge pain for people to disinfect their spaces, or to keep themselves sterile while travelling.

What Is Ozone, And What Does It Do?

«Ozone is produced when O2 is energized and split into two monatomic (O1) molecules. The monatomic oxygen molecules then collide with O2 molecules to form ozone, which is O3. Thus, ozone consists of O2 with a loosely bonded third oxygen atom that is readily available to attach to, and oxidize, other molecules. This additional oxygen atom makes ozone a powerful oxidant that destroys microorganisms.» 

– The Center For Disease Control

So, what’s the takeaway, here?

«With the advent of MRSA and related bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections reported in recent years, it is critical to keep these surfaces routinely cleaned and checked for germs. All clothing and equipment should be laundered and/or disinfected on a daily basis.»

– The National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Well, that’s just one example- athletes, as people who share a lot of common space or exercise together, need to take extra care to sanitize and disinfect their space. At the end of the day, though, anyone who wants to stay healthy and prevent unsterile conditions that cause infection, should follow those precautions.

That’s why it’s so popular; the ability of the Ozone+ to gently release small, controlled ozone into a space, is a huge deal for a lot of people- Ozone has unbelievable anti-infective properties, and is incredibly simple to use!

You just turn on the machine, and it runs an automatic cycle, using controlled release of ozone to kill all the harmful microbes- viruses, bacteria, and even fungi. As a handy side benefit, killing all the microbes does an amazing job of freshening the air, because foul odors are caused by those very same microbes. Not only will the space be more sterile, but it will smell and feel more sterile.

All hype aside, the thing works.

Another big reason The Ozone+ is so popular is…

It’s convenient.

It’s small, compact, and  portable with a rechargeable battery; therefore, people who want to disinfect their stuff don’t need to sacrifice convenience for comfort and safety.

It even has a USB, to charge in your car!

Until now, air purifiers were huge, bulky machines that cost hundreds of dollars, and could only sit in one room. That’s not going to help anyone who moves around from place to place!

The Ozone+ is different. It’s designed for portability, and single-touch convenience.

What Does The Ozone+ Actually Do For You?

A lot!

The Ozone+ can help to:

Destroy airborne and land-dwelling viruses like influenza and the common cold
Kill and prevent the reproduction of harmful bacteria
Kill fungi, and prevent their spread
Improve airs freshness, by removing microbes that cause foul smells
Give you a sense of security and sanitation, anywhere you go- the car, the office, or your bedroom
Purify any confined space within 1 hour; wardrobes, cars, refrigerators, office spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and cabinets!

The Ozone+ is an all-in-one; it saves you money by fulfilling all the functions of Lysol wipes, deodorizers, and air spray!

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

«I love the convenience. I travel a lot, and this makes me feel much safer from cold and flu viruses no matter where I go.» – Don

«I’m kind of a germaphobe, and I just can’t help it, even though everyone makes fun of me for it! I honestly appreciate the security. It seriously gives you that feeling of comfort and sterility. No matter where I  go, I can actually feel comfortable.″ – Chris

«I never leave home without it anymore. I’ve always got it in my car. It’s just so easy to bring around, and makes you feel so much cleaner.» – John

 In short… It was a big hit for us!

How Much Does the Ozone+ cost?

Not as much as you’d think!

This kind of high-quality, safe, air purifying technology can usually run upwards of $300 or $400… Of course, as pricey as that is, it’s still a small price to pay for staying clear of microbes and infections; especially for people with compromised immune systems.

Well, the price is the part that stunned us the most.

It’s not $500, it’s not $400, and it’s not even $250: Right now, you can actually get it for just $69,99!

Yup- right now, it’s on a sale at a crazy 50% off.

How Can The Price Be So Low?

How is it only $69,99? Yeah, we were pretty surprised- ozone technology is not cheap, and it requires good, high-quality engineering to ensure that it’s always the perfect balance of healthy to breathe, and powerful against microbes.

We were skeptical, as you should always be when buying hyped-up products online. So, we did some research on the company, the manufacturer, and the Ozone+ itself.

The biggest takeaway is that the distributor is based online, so they lack overhead costs. Why does that matter? Well, a company with less overhead costs doesn’t need to drive up costs to make a profit!

These things also have a pretty efficient production system, apparently. They source their parts directly from the factories, so there’s no middle man driving up the cost of production.

The end result is an air purifier that actually combines reliability and quality, with affordability!

Why Is There A Sale Right Now?

You might wonder why the company would offer this at such a big discount if it’s so popular.

Here’s the thing- this is a common business strategy.

These types of online companies typically run a big advertising campaign for new products, and fuel it with a 50%-off offer to generate extra buzz.

Then, after word spreads, the price goes up!

Closing Thoughts; Is It Worth A Buy?

If you really want to take extra steps to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy…?

…If so, then, yes, ABSOLUTELY it is!

In fact, there’s even a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who’s not happy with it- so there’s no real risk, and no way to lose!

Right now, you can get yours at a hefty 50% off by just clicking this link:

Get it now, before the price goes up!

TIP: The discount means the Ozone+ is selling out like crazy in the US. We recommend placing your order fast, before the discount ends!