New Device Offers Promising Option For Those Who Need Emergency Health Treatment

With millions of Americans unable to access healthcare, there’s a growing problem for the public’s health… Many American’s can’t afford to get key health indicators regularly checked.

Worst still, some of these vital indicators are things that should be monitored, around-the-clock.

For millions of people, one health indicator that absolutely needs to be tracked is SpO2.

What is SpO2?

SpO2 is also called oxygen saturation. It indicates how much of your blood is made up of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin, relative to total hemoglobin.

Basically, this number should be as high as possible- the most common range is 96-98% according to WebMD, with any lower than 94% being dangerous.

Low oxygen saturation leads to hypoxemia- a potentially life-threatening condition, where the blood is starved for oxygen… And, as a result, critical organs like the liver, and brain, may start to get damaged very quickly.

Ok, let’s back up: why does all this medical stuff matter?

Who Needs to Track Sp02, And Why?

Hypoxemia is a dangerous condition, whose symptoms can sneak up on you when you’re most vulnerable- such as while exercising, or hiking.

See, low oxygen saturation has many symptoms that mimic the results of intense exercise- like rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, and wheezing- as we can see on WebMD.

At-risk groups are those who have asthma, are smokers, suffer from lung infections, have anemia or heart problems, or take heavy pain medication.

The real danger is that, when you’re active, your body is using up your thinly-spread oxygen… Worse still, being physically exhausted can mimic the effects of hypoxemia in many ways. This can potentially put you at serious risk for health complications sneaking up on you, undetected.


Can I Exercise Without Worrying About Hypoxemia?

The SpO2 Oxypulse Pro Oximeter faithfully serves anyone who’s at risk. It acts as a quick, easy, non-invasive way to track oxygen saturation.

By simply putting it on the tip of your finger, this device will tell you your exact oxygen saturation- as well as other handy information, like your heart rate.

If you have asthma, or you’re a smoker, or in any other at-risk categories- this will allow you to enjoy a good, intense workout, while fully aware of the state of your blood oxygen.

Tired? Sweating, breathing hard? Don’t stress, and don’t guess- you can just pull out the device, put it on your finger, and get an immediate answer! 

If your levels come back above 95%-96%, you’ll know that you’re just tired, and only need to rest and catch your breath.Then, you’re free to keep up with whatever you’re doing!

However, if your oxygen saturation is low, you’ll know immediately. This way, you won’t waste any time wondering– you’ll be able to immediately get yourself seeking medical attention.

How Does it Work?

It’s a pretty simple setup, and it’s totally non-invasive. There’s no pain, no needles, and nothing crazy or scary.

You simply clip the device over your finger, and it uses light scanning technology!

Because of how quick the device is to set up and use, it’s ideal for anybody who’s at-risk, but wants to enjoy the outdoors.

Any time you want, you can just take it out and check your blood oxygenation- and you’ll get handy information on your heart rate, as well, which can help tell you how much fat you’re burning during your workout!

Not only will your workout be safer- and more enjoyable- but, you’ll track its effectiveness with hard scientific data.

Where Can I Get a Oxypulse Pro Oximeter?

This product offers a potentially life-saving service, by helping people keep track of blood oxygenation. Because of that, it’s often very difficult for the suppliers to keep up with the high demand.

Many sites sell them, but tend to sell out very quickly, and not have the ability to get any more in inventory!

Right now, the best option to get one is this their official website.

For now, they’re in stock- and, not only that, but the company selling them offers a 100% money-back guarantee!

Take control of your health, and keep control of your life.