Finally, Real Relief From the Scorching Summer Heat & Humidity Wherever You Go…

   25/06/2020 | Robert Hammond
SUMMARY: A team of Japanese engineers have designed and launched an breakthrough personal cooling device, called the ADG Neck Fan. Thousands of users have already hopped on this bandwagon and are enjoying the cleanest and cheapest cool air they’ve ever breathed wherever they go.Get Your ADG Neck Fan now 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Let’s call it as it is. Global warming is a thing. Summers are becoming more and more unbearable by the year. We all know how uncomfortable summer heat can get. 

This new personal air cooler is the answer to all our woes. Compact, inexpensive, low energy consumption, silent, the list of benefits truly has no end.

But does it really deliver on all these promises? Out team took it for a spin to test it for you.

What Are We Talking About?


It’s called the ADG Neck Fan. A team of Japanese engineers, with colleagues in Switzerland to handle the fine-part manufacturing, have come up with this innovative portable AC solution. It works by producing a steady stream of cool clean air. It’s like having a portable AC around your neck that keeps you cool wherever you are.

Compact, portable and silent, you can take it with you anywhere to enjoy the soothing cool and clean air it provides, be in the park, your office or while walking outside, all while being so lightweight you won’t even notice it’s there.

Incredibly easy to operate, the ADG Neck Fan cleans and purifies the air it cools with a set of advanced filters to make sure you only breath the cleanest and freshest air, not too humid and so very soothingly cool.

ADG Neck Fan can be used outdoors or indoors, and from the comfort of your own home or office. It runs for 30 hours per charge, and is very easy to clean and care for!

How does the ADG Neck Fan work?

ADG Neck Fan works by using a combination of thermal electric cooling, back cooling vents, positionable air flow, and an ionizer fan chamber (plus build-in filters) to effectively cool down your body and purify the air you’re breathing.

It is Very Easy to Use by Anyone:

  1. You simply have to wear the device around your neck like a necklace, and then turn it on.
  2. Adjust the fan speed with press of a button and stay cool during the hot days of summer.
  3. Stay cool during the hot days of summer.

Does It Deliver on Its Promises?

So now it’s time to get to our favorite part, the nitty gritty of picking the ADG Neck Fan apart and examining all its specs, features and uses, to see if it’s everything they say it is. ADG Neck Fan has a ton of interesting features and below are just a few:

✅ Easy To Use – The problem we often see with a lot of modern gadgets is that they can be difficult to use, especially the first time. ADG Neck Fan combats the summer heat with the push of a button. Just place it around your neck, push a button, and enjoy!
✅ Very Effective – Imagine escaping the sweltering heat and feeling cool and comfortable wherever you are! ADG Neck Fan works instantly to create this feeling and sustains it as long as you have it on.
Compact And Lightweight – You can fit the device into your bag, or carry it with ease, it can accompany you on any holiday, business trip, or even just into the office. It is lightweight and comfortable.
✅ It Blows a Lot of Air – 1.9 cubic feet of clean and fresh air per minute.
✅ Built in Ionizer – Removes Potentially Dangerous Particulate Matter From the Air You Breathe.
✅ One Size Fits All – It has a 5-degree flex fit for all neck sizes. The device can fit into men’s, women’s, and even kids’ neck.
✅ Big Capacity Rechargable Battery – It can last up to 30hours per charge on maximum speed.
✅ USB Rechargable – You can use a common USB Type-C charger to charge it.

99% of Users Recommend the ADG Neck Fan to Their Friends and Family

«I wasn’t sure that the wearable AC would actually help me to stay cool, but after trying it once, I can say that it really does. It’s comfortable to wear and it just provides you with a nice stream of cool air.» – Peter from Denver, CO

«Just Received mine. I didn’t expect this thing to be so powerful. I find the ADG Neck Fan to be an essential part of my day. I liked it very much!» – Jeannie Gutiérrez from Boca Raton FL.

«Starting to get hot out and I use these when seating at home to cool off my body. My family borrows it also to get some relief from the heat. Its very flexible and comfy around neck, last a good time. You can also travel with it bc its portable. Im sure it will come in handy when feeling over heated or flushed. Its stylish too!» – Mariah Chang from San Diego CA

How Much Does the ADG Neck Fan Cooler Cost?

Surely all these features the ADG Neck Fan has to offer will cost you an arm and a leg, right? Something that will probably approach the minimum of 300$. But you’d be wrong! The retail price of the ADG Neck Fan is a mere 139,99$!

And again, we can stop talking here and it would still be a fantastic device for an incredibly affordable price, but it goes farther as the device is currently on sale, pushing its price a farther 50% down, to just 69,99$ with free shipping!

We’ve got nothing else to say. You want to breath cool and pure air all day? Go get it. Now. Before the sale ends.

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Conclusion: Should I Get It?

YES. 100%. The ADG Neck Fan is more than worth it even before the discount, and with the extra free shipping there is literally nothing else that needs to be discussed.

Whether you want to keep cool, and comfortable during really hot days, indoors and outdoors this device is for you.


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Ultra Portable and Lightweight
  • Cools and Purifies the Air Around You
  • Long Battery Life up 30 hours
  • Built in Ionizer


How to Get An ADG Neck Fan?

Now that you are aware of this amazing new product, and if it’s still in stock, here is how to get one:

  1. We recommend ordering an original ADG Neck Fan from the supplier’s website by clicking here.
  2. Enjoy cool and purified air wherever you want and at any time.

NOTE: ADG Neck Fan IS ONLY AVAILABLE From The Official Website.