NeckSpa: Wearable Neck Massage & Relaxation Device

Discover Fiery Facts About Neck Pain and a Groundbreaking Gadget That Offers Real Relief Anytime and Anywhere

No need to break the bank for expensive chiropractors, therapy, pills, gym memberships, or generic exercises.

Do you feel like your neck muscle always feels tight and sore after using the computer, working the whole day, or taking care of your family? Do stress, fatigue, and tension around your neck affect your mood and your sleep? Do you want to relieve yourself from this pain and finally relax?

You are not alone. Neck pain is a pervasive problem that many people, even the healthiest ones, suffer either constantly or occasionally. With these eye-opening facts you will see how serious this global problem is and discover a breakthrough solution worth sharing.

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is one of the major musculoskeletal disorders in most adults today. It has a high degree of prevalence that may affect the physical, social, and psychological aspects of your life. This makes neck pain a common contributor to the increase in financial, physiological, and emotional costs in personal life, business, or career.

Who Gets Neck Pain?

Neck pain affects people who are engaged in regular repetitive tasks common in sedentary desk jobs, factory work, and health care. Our lifestyle has also increased the likelihood of experiencing neck pain now that we are a generation glued to the screen.

Today, no one is exempt from neck pain. From students, factory workers, construction workers, hotel and hospitality employees, call center staff, all the way up to top-level managers, directors, and executives.

How Common Is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is one of the top four most common types of pain. The most common one is low back pain, followed by knee pain, headache, and finally, neck pain.

While statistics vary from country to country, a startling 16.7% up to 75.1% of the population experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime. It also occurs higher in women compared to men. It is estimated that around middle age, peaking at 45 years old, between 30% to 50% of people will have an episode of neck pain within a one year period.

The Good News About Neck Pain

The good news is that neck pain is treatable. The duration since the first onset of neck pain is one of the best indicators of how long it can take for the pain to be resolved, whether it is acute (less than 6 weeks), subchronic (less than three months), or chronic (over 3 months).

A Brand New Breakthrough Device

While most patients treat neck pain with rest, immobilization, exercise, hydration, topical medication, sleep positioning, and therapy—some more effective for different types—there is one breakthrough solution that can help relieve neck pain effectively.


The NeckSpa:

Wearable Neck Massage & Relaxation Device


The NeckSpa is a next generation wearable device that allows you to relieve neck pain without disrupting your normal day-to-day activity. You can wear it while working, exercising, studying, relaxing at home, watching television, etc.

Real-Time Reliable Results

If your line of work is taking a toll on your body, this is the ideal wearable device to help you improve your health, work performance, and family life. It also helps you save time and money by reducing your trips to the massage center, chiropractic clinic, gym, or pharmacy.

Imagine getting different deep-kneading Shiatsu and Chinese medicine massage techniques in one seamless experience. With pulse frequency of 0Hz~1000Hz and a pulse width of 20us-400us, you get a relaxing massage, cupping, scraping, patting, hammer-tapping, kneading, beating, acupuncture, hot compress, and manipulation effects all in a single device.

All these will help promote local blood circulation, loosen the knots on neck and shoulder, relax the local muscles, relieve inflammation, swelling, pain, tension, fatigue, spasms, improve your mood, and sleep disorder.

It is an amazingly automatic, convenient, and comfortable spa treatment for cervical neck pain, head, and shoulder pain. With its U-shape design and two pulse patches, this device is also great for your stomach, arms, legs, thighs, calves, soles, back, and even your waist.

Spectacular Specifications

The NeckSpa has an adjustable ergonomic design. Its dimensions are 18cm x 11.5cm and its weight is 174g. The neck massager also comes with two pulse patches attached with wires making it a small, lightweight, and versatile device to use anytime or anywhere.

You can use the NeckSpa during road trips, bus or train rides, plane travel, in the office, at home, in the gym, by the beach or pool. It is your constant health companion.

Made from ABS, silicone, stainless steel, magnetic materials, it is ultra durable, reliable and efficient. It can continuously go for 7 hours of low-frequency electrical pulse and magnetic effect powered only by two AAA batteries (3VDC30MA). Recommended use is twice or thrice a week.

This device does not use heat. It uses only diadynamic therapy. This is a physiotherapeutic method of treatment with electric current frequency. However, it is recommended that you dampen your skin with a wet towel before use. This allows your skin to adapt well and enjoy the sensations of electromagnetic pulse magnetic therapy better.

What Other People Are Saying…

Helps with the pain relief!

“This is the first time I’m using Electric pulse massager. And would recommend to test it to the other half of people who didn’t try. I was shocked and scared at first to feel the power of this product. However, it definitely helps with the pain relief.” ~ Anastasiia Kruhlova

Much needed therapy!

“This has helped to relieve some pain after a long days work. It gets tense and this loosens it right up. It’s comfortable to wear and the pads are easy to use. Use a gel. Great pulse therapy” ~ Amanda Garcia

Stress relief!

“Damn this is awesome stress reliever it works like magic very comfortable it comes with a little cushion pad so it’s comfortable and it’s very easy to use. Ok this one you should know…you need to buy the battery. But the quality is very good. Definitely recommend it because I’m loving it.” ~ Avi Brog

Now, It’s Your Turn…

It’s your turn to try a breakthrough device that offers real relief without costing you so much time, energy, and money. You don’t have to give up some of the activities you want just to go to the massage center or rush to the pharmacy.

Check out NeckSpa: Wearable Neck Massage & Relaxation Device and see if it can help relieve some of the neck pain, soreness, tension, knots and aches you are experiencing.

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