New Alternative to Drugs? This Technology Provides Lasting Relief to Nerve, Muscle, and Back Pain

Body pain is one of the most common health afflictions in America- especially pain and inflammation of the neck, back, muscles, and nerves. 

According to a study by Georgetown University, a staggering 65 million adults in America are afflicted by occasional back pain, and around 8% of all adults, sadly, suffer from chronic back pain.

Back pain is a nasty part of life, and it’s just plain unfair. It can bring a good day down, make a bad day worse, and restrict your ability to engage in many fun or important parts of your daily routine.

There are ways to treat it- and, even they, to some degree, have got flaws of their own.

Treatment 1: Painkillers And Other Drugs

Painkillers can do a very strong job of blocking out pain- but can offer dangerous complications of their own.

Addictive, expensive, and potentially dangerous- painkilling drugs like prescription opioids can treat pain, but put many users at serious risk for addiction, overdose, and other health problems– in addition to being just plain expensive.

Treatment 2: Phyical Therapy And Chiropractors

A medical professional is the most important thing for long-term recovery.

Chiropractors can bring a ton of temporary relief to back pain and nerve pain with their adjustments- however, these procedures often carry long term risks, and fail to address underlying problems.

According to Berkeley University, chiropractors have never been proven to be able to actually provide long-term pain relief- they simply don’t have the training to fix underlying issues. They can mask pain, but it will often come back stronger, in a matter of days (or even hours).

Physical therapists do have the training to solve internal problems causing pain- and can help a lot, in the long run. Most Americans, however, just don’t have the money for a licensed physical therapist. Their services can run hundreds of dollars, per hour, which will seriously break the bank for most Americans- even with insurance.

Worse still, it’s a famous problem that the procedures of a physical therapist- while helpful in the long run- will amplify the pain in the beginning, making it worse.

Isn’t there a safe, healthy way to provide a warm, comforting relief and relaxation to those back aches and muscle cramps?

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Treatment 3: In-Home, Portable Technology in Electrical Muscle Relaxation and Back Pain Therapy: The Musclerelax Therapy Machine

This handy machine uses a tried-and-true pain relief technique used by licensed physical therapists– a gentle, low current of electrical charge that stimulates the nerves, loosens the muscles, and provides a comforting feeling of relaxation.

Completely non-invasive, non-addictive, and with absolutely no reasonable risk of injury, the Musclerelax Therapy Machine provides a safe and thorough alternative to painkillers.

By targeting specific areas on your body with electrical pads, this device can not only treat pain– but also, help facilitate more long-term recovery and healing, by increasing localized blood flow and thereby improving oxygen delivery.

If you’re sick of chronic spasms, nerve pain, or back problems, you’re not alone- tens of millions of Americans are afflicted- and that’s why this gadget was finally invented, so that anyone can treat their pain and inflammation, safely, from the comfort of their own home.

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