Here’s the Simple Solution to Remove Those PESKY Protein Clumps In Your Shakers Today

This Gym Invention That’s Changing the Way We Make Our Protein Shakes


It’s a problem you’re familiar with. Mixing your protein with milk or water, and only some of the powder mixes, leaving clumps of whey or vegan protein powder at the bottom of the shaker.

Not only does it not maximize your gains, but it will leave a weird taste in your mouth that causes your protein shaker bottle to become contaminated, and over time, smelly from the leftover residue. Instead of making your life easier, it becomes a nuisance to clean and use. This results in replacing your bottles more frequently, meaning more money spent that could be used elsewhere.

You’ve been making protein shakes wrong for years…

Blenders have been the best alternative for making protein shakes for years — mixing protein powder with ease and speed without clusters of hardened protein stuck to the bottle. You can also add fruits and vegetables for unique natural flavors, providing you more with nutrition to help your body recover. This allows you to mix up your shake instead of drinking the same flavor every single day.

Thicker shakes can be created by adding more ice. As they are more filling, they are the best way for individuals who are cutting or losing weight, doing a better job of helping you hold over until your next meal.

But all blenders have the same problem.

They are bulky, expensive, and not portable.

Introducing ​our Personal Smoothie Maker

A portable smoothie maker designed for gym junkies and people who want a healthy life. Recently surging in popularity in the fitness circles due to their straightforwardness and effectiveness in dealing with clump filled protein shakes.

Relying on its high speed, innovative four edged blade design, and shape to break down foods and blend them together is why the ​Personal Smoothie Maker​ is the best portable blender on the market. Mixing all the desired ingredients by creating a vortex to blend all the ingredients evenly. This allows the full absorption of the nutritional benefits into your body.

Why use ​our Personal Smoothie Maker

The Personal Smoothie Maker ​isn’t limited to making protein shakes and smoothies. The stainless steel blades that rotate over 330 revs/second allow you to make delicious soups, desserts, ice creams, and dips by emulsifying the foods, retaining all the nutritional value.

Each part of ​the Personal Smoothie Maker​ can be unattached, making it easy to clean. The cups and lids are dishwasher safe, while the blades can be detached for easy hand washing.

Made with a non-slip silicone base, its safety switch ensures that it isn’t accidentally turned on when you’re walking around. The double sealing feature prevents leaks and spills. Perfect when you’re blending your protein shake or walking around.

Long Battery Life
Using a 2200mAh battery, it can handle blending protein shakes and smoothies for up to three hours, allowing you to make up to 18 shakes without recharging. USB-chargeable, it’s the best portable blender that meets all your needs.

How much is ​our Personal Smoothie Maker?

One of the best blenders on the market NUTRIBULLET costs $80. Known for its ability to break down the smallest and hardest foods and blend them into a natural smoothie.

Personal Smoothie Maker​ provides the same features and benefits for a lower price, and it’s portable! Usually sold at $115, we’ve found a limited-time 50% deal.


Available  by making a more nutritious shake that helps you recover faster.

See what the fuss is about

Here’s some feedback we’ve gotten on ​the Personal Smoothie Maker​ from real customers…

«Adorable blender for small bar or on the go! This is primarily marketed for health-conscious folks who would want an easy way to make smoothies, juices, or protein shakes, and it definitely delivers there but I bought it as an xmas gift to contribute to the Wet Bar we have at work at the theatre I perform in! This little blender is beautiful color has an adorable jewel decoration on top and really delivers in making margaritas and blended drinks quickly! It really has upped our social bar nights after shows so folks arent stuck drinking boring mixed drinks! Blending power for ice is good, but due to its size it womr function ideally if too full and ice should be
placed at the bottom. Cleanup is a breeze as you just squeeze some soap into it and turn the blender on for a cycle and rinse. I’ve tried a few of these portable blenders and this one so far has been the most efficient and the prettiest to look at!»

«I bought this so I can do my juicing at work.I work early in the morning and I like my juice/smoothie fresh on my break time, (since I’m not allowed to bring anything at work except water). I just put my frozen berries, splash of agave and add water and viola I have nice and fresh smoothie! The blender has power to even blend ice cubes and any frozen fruits. It’s made of glass and feels very high quality. I’m excited to bring this anywhere!»


Portable blenders are the best alternative to get the most out of your recovery and hit your daily macros. Leakproof and compact makes it the perfect companion for your gym bag. Purchase our Personal Smoothie Maker​, and stop worry trying to get those extra protein clumps today.

You can order ​the Personal Smoothie Maker ​now ​from their official website here​.