Do you want to know the secret professional chefs use to defrost meat in minutes and make it taste like a delicious grill? Do you want to know how to get it?

It’s finally here! The HOUSEEYO miracle tray will change everything.

News Summary

January 2020: After months of waiting, a well-known German company launched what promises to be the Gastronomic Technology Invention of the Year, giving thousands of people the opportunity to have the perfect solution for defrosting meat in minutes and the best at a crazy price.

Thousands of gastronomy magazines are talking about the new product that has been setting sales records in the last 3 weeks! So we decided to check out the magic of the HOUSEEYO miracle tray.

We know you have had the experience of wanting to make a nice roast, but the meat was in the freezer and you didn’t know what to do to defrost it. You may have tried to soak it in water or put it in the microwave, but it never worked. 

Maybe you’re friends showed up for dinner and you wanted to offer a some nice smoked meat, but all you find is a block of frozen ice. Let us tell you that won’t be a problem anymore.

Many years ago, scientists from a prestigious German startup began to develop a technology based on wave thermoevaporation that, together with super-leophobic materials that repel fat, promises to impeccably defrost your meat!

 What is this revolutionary solution?

The Houseeyo is trending in countries like England or the United States, where thousands and thousands of people are buying this magic product and thousands of testimonials support the effectiveness of the product.

With an aluminium alloy construction and a coating of special fat-repellent materials used in high quality products such as those of the Schaffhausen brand, it promises to give the meat an incredible chef’s flavour.

You may have seen ads for products that promise to defrost your meat in minutes, but the truth is that some of them use the same obsolete resistor technology that basically heats the material but don’t allow you to properly melt of the ice that covers the meat whether it’s fish, beef, chicken, turkey, etc.

What does the manufacturer say?

We were able to consult with one of the manufacturers of the technology behind the revolutionary food de-icer, who told us about it:

«The meat defroster works by contact, that is, when the surface of the    appliance rubs against the meat, it heats the product by means of internal technology processes, which are totally electric, based on thermovibration, leading to subsequent uniform defrosting in about 30 minutes» and adds: «Although it is designed to defrost cuts of meat, it can also do the job for other types of food such as hamburgers, sausages, prawns and bacon in about 10 minutes».

Without a doubt it is the cutting-edge food technology of 2020, ultra easy to use, ultra compact, and with an incredible effectiveness that will help you have that fresh meat for the weekend roast.

What is the secret of Houseeyo’s success?

 After analyzing in depth the incredible performance of the device and the way the defrosting process is generated, we have come to the conclusion that the product has, among others, some crazy characteristics that have turned it into a top seller this month:

  • Easy to clean : Thanks to its non-stick technology, you can easily clean off grease, plus it is made of anti-corrosive materials that guarantee the quality of the product.
  • Energy saver: Have you thought about the amount of water you spend when thawing meat and how this affects the environment? The Houseeyo defroster has an intelligent energy consumption system that generates savings of up to 40% compared to other similar products.
  • The metal alloy is 30,000 times more conductive than the common metal: this generates an instantaneous defrost.
  • Natural defrosting: It has a heating and defrosting speed regulator, which allows a more natural, precise defrosting process to preserve the flavor and  consistency of your meat.
  • Super slim and easy to carry: If you go camping you can put the Houseeyo in your backpack and use it in that nice friend’s barbecue.


It is an appliance you can’t afford not to have in your home, it preserves the taste of your food. In addition, it allows to conserve the proteins. According to a University of Michigan study from 2018, using a microwave to defrost meat diminishes the nutrient content because of the high-frequency radio waves that microwaves emit. This destroys key proteins and amino acids that help reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer.

How much does it cost?

We were able to inquire and find out that the price of the product is between $80 and $120, but in recognized stores in the United States the price is $99.

However, we managed to get a discount coupon for all our valued readers, so you can get it for this incredible price, if you buy it through the following link.

It would be crazy to let this offer pass you by! You can become the king of the kitchen and show off in front of your friends and acquaintances the incredible Houseeyo food thawing machine.

March 2020: New Update

Weeks after this review was written, the product managers of the Houseeyo manufacturer contacted our group of editors and offered us a general discount. Now you can get the product with free shipping.

I want it!!! Where do I buy it?

To obtain this limited-time offer, just get  it through the official website, complete the order information and your order will arrive at your home by return of mail.

The manufacturer has sent us a coupon offer for the launch so that we’re able to offer a special discount for the purchase of more than 1 unit, so don’t forget to tell your friendss about the launch offer of the incredible Houseeyo meat thawing machine.