We present the DRYING HANGER, the only clothes hanger that quickly dries, deodorizes, and sterilizes your clothes when you hang them.

The DRYING HANGER is so light that you can take it with you when you travel and use it to keep all your clothes free of damp and feeling freshly-washed.

Plus, you can also use the Drying Hanger to dry and remove unpleasant odors from your shoes. Incredible!

How does the Drying Hanger Work?

It’s easy! Just hang your clothing on the hanger (shirts, jackets, dresses, even baby clothes) and select whether you’d like warm or cool air using a single button. Set your desired time and let it go to work. In just 2 hours you’ll have clothing that is dry and ready to wear.

Drying Hanger, characteristics:

✔️ Light and portable: built to be easy to use anywhere. It folds for storage so it will barely take up any space in your suitcase when you’re traveling. Just plug it in and dry your clothes and shoes with the touch of a button.
✔️Clothing care functions: removes damp, prevents mold, limits dust mites, sterilizes on the hot air setting, deodorizes and can even dry your clothes straight out of the washing machine.
✔️ Shoe drying and deodorizing kit: the Drying Hanger dries and removes unpleasant odors from your shoes with a special kit.

Finally, someone invented away to keep our shoes from smelling bad!

Peter Jackson – Editor at Daily Electronics

How it works

  • Automatic Mode: Once you hang up your wet clothing, turn on the Drying.  It will blow hot air for at least three hours. Then it automatically switches to cold air for 5 hours, then the machine will switch to standby until you remove the clothing to use it.
  • Hot Air Mode: Turn on the Drying Hanger and select hot air.
  • Cold Air Mode: Turn on the Drying Hanger and select cold air.
  • Shoe Cleaning Mode: Attach the air tubes from the Drying Hanger Kit. Put each tube inside a shoe and select hot air mode for the best deodorizing effect.

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