Why Are Millions Of Women Falling In Love ❤️ With This New Watch For Ovulation And Pregnancy?

All across the country, women are discovering something amazing; a smartwatch that keeps track of ovulation, blood pressure, pregnancy metrics, and… Pretty much everything! 

This seemingly simple-looking watch can offer a lot more than you’d expect… Now that the secret is out, women are flocking to it in droves. We just had to get to the bottom of it, and find out exactly what it is, and determine if it actually lives up to the hype.

What Exactly Is This Thing?

This is the Corpore Watch

You could say it’s a smartwatch… But, that’s leaving out all the juicy details. This thing has a ton of functions, beyond the usual stuff. Yes, it does all the smartwatch stuff you usually expect, but it does some *extra* stuff, that’s really cool (and, potentially, life-changing).

That *extra* stuff is what’s making this thing so popular, and that’s what made us interested! (Well, in addition to how cool it looks, of course.)

See, if you’re like us, you get tired of all these gadgets being the same. It feels like there’s no innovation anymore. The popularity of the Corpore Watch got our attention, but the rumors of its different uses really spiked our interest… So, we just had to give it a try, so we can give you a low-down on how this thing works.

Anyway, enough suspense- let’s jump into it!

What Does It Do?

Yeah, it does all the standard stuff you’d expect from a premium, professional-grade smartwatch. Taking calls, sending messages, taking notes, setting reminders and appointments… Yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture.

 (Keep in mind- it’s customizable!)

More interesting than that, is the fitness aspect of it. This little guy tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, body motion, and more. (Quick question- do you know your exact heart rate when jogging? Because, if you don’t, you can’t be sure you’re actually in the “fat-burning zone” of 65-75% peak heart rate!)

Ok, obviously, it’s cool that it helps you burn fat. But, there are probably a few other watches that do that, too… So, what’s the big surprise?

The really interesting part- and the part that makes it so popular for young women- is the ovulation tracker. 

This watch actually keeps track of your ovulation cycle, telling women exactly when their time of the month is coming up… And, telling them exactly when they’re fertile, and when they’re not fertile. Obviously, that’s a big deal if you’re a woman who doesn’t want an unexpected pregnancy!

And, for women who are pregnant, it does other handy stuff: it can help remind you to take baby bump photos, track your eating, and give important health reminders for baby care. In other words- there’s something for everyone.

Why The Sudden Popularity? What’s So Special About It?

No woman needs to be told how stressful it is to miss a period; or, to be wondering when it’s due. It’s just not fun. Some apps claim to help with this (and in some cases, they can); but, so many women either don’t use these apps, don’t like these apps, find them to be too buggy, or are too scared to open them and see the results, sometimes.

This takes away a lot of the guesswork, and gives you a far more precise reading of your cycle than you’d get with just a calendar. It’s a major psychological change to have it simply on your wrist, instead of locked away in your phone, accessible only through passcodes.

Having the ability to know when you’re fertile, and when you’re not fertile, is just a game-changer. It takes away a *lot* of the stress of your relationships, for obvious reasons.

So, why is the Corpore Watch exploding in popularity? Well, it’s basic economics- when a new service can fulfill a major demand, it’s going to sell big. 

Until now, there was no way for women to track their cycle with laser sensor technology, at the touch of a button. The closest equivalent is annoying, buggy apps that are only based on counting days, and have no actual ability to scan and analyze bodily functions!

How Does It Work?

It works in two parts- scanning, and computation. 

It uses an ALS-PD70-01C/TR7 (try saying that 5 times fast!) laser sensor. This is what tracks heart rate, as well as blood pressure, and bodily cycles like ovulation.

Meanwhile, the smartwatch is built with Android 4.4 and iOs 8.0+ software. There’s nothing to say here, because everyone knows Android and iOs. These are serious, time-tested, leading edge technologies, already used in leading smartphones.

That’s the beauty of it- it actually tracks your bodily functions with a sensor, and then syncs it up with intelligent computational equipment from precise smartphone technology!

In this way, it can keep track of:

  • Your fertility window, and your ovulation
  • Your cycle’s schedule, and potentially, any changes to it
  • Your heart rate
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your pregnancy


How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as you’d think!

Yes, usually smartwatches of this quality will run you upwards of $299- if you’re lucky. Some brands like Tag Heuer will even go as high as $1600+! 

The Corpore watch, however… Only costs 159,99 US$. Yes, 159,99 US$- when the usual cost of a smartwatch is over $300.

It doesn’t stop there. Right now, that price is cut in half- people can get it for only 79,99 US$!

Ok, so how does that even make sense?

How Can The Price Be So Low?

How is it only 79,99 US$? Yeah, we were pretty surprised- smartwatch technology, let alone health and personal ovulation tracking, is not usually that affordable. But, combine both of those 2 things, and it’s still cheaper? Ridiculous!

We were skeptical, as you should always be when buying hyped-up products online. So, we did some research on the company, the manufacturer, and the product.

Here’s what we found;

-The distributor is based online, so they lack overhead costs. Why does that matter? Well, a company with less overhead costs doesn’t need to drive up costs to make a profit!

-The production of the Corpore watch is efficient. By sourcing the technology straight from the manufacturers, and using affordable, high cost-to-benefit materials, the producer- and therefore the buyer- can save a lot of money.

The end result is a rare watch that actually combines reliability and quality with affordability!



Why Is There A Sale Right Now?

You might wonder why the company would offer this at such a big discount if it’s so popular. That’s a smart question.

Here’s the thing- this is a common business strategy.

Online companies will always run a big advertising campaign for new products, and fuel it with a 50%-off offer to generate extra buzz.

Then, after word spreads, the price goes up!

Closing Thoughts; Is It Worth A Buy?

In our opinion?


Personally, I fell in love with it just from how cool it looks, and how easy it is to use. I live an active life, so I love that it’s fully waterproof and shatter-proof. The fast, advanced technology would make you think it’s fragile, but it’s actually tough as a rock.

The more I use it, and the more I learn about it… The more I love it. I think you’ll love it, too.

In fact, there’s even a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who’s not happy with it- so there’s no real risk, to begin with. There’s really no way to lose!

RIght now, you can get yours by just clicking this link: