Scientists Develop Clever Way to Ease Back Pain and Help With Long-Term Damage

Does it ever feel like you just *can’t* stay comfortable in your chair?? ?? You’re not alone.

Back pain is a terrible condition that affects many millions of people. It can have a big impact in day-to-day life, by making many activities painful and uncomfortable.

How Back Problems Can Spiral out of Control

A major cause of back problems is poor posture- a problem which is made worse by constant sitting. Whether it’s at the desk, on the couch or in the car, the way we sit can do a lot of damage to our body- ranging from mild discomfort to chronic pain, nerve problems, and skeletal issues.

The way we sit in most seats is not at all how our bodies were designed to be at rest- if you spend lots of time in a chair, you are putting unnatural pressure on your spine, hips, and lower back, in a way that they were not made to handle.

 This can result in pain and discomfort in the short term, and grow in severity as time goes on- if nothing is changed.


Don’t despair, though- sitting at a desk does *not* mean that back problems need to be a part of your life!!

The Caresoft Back Cushion was designed to directly address these exact problems. The design of the cushion is simple, yet brilliant- the material is elastic and accommodating, made of premium medical-tier gel, that perfectly allows for a comfortable, spine-friendly sitting experience anywhere.

One of the most helpful features to ordinary people is the convenience. Although firm, it is leight, elastic, and easy to carry for use anywhere- in the car for a morning commute, at the workplace, on the way back, and even on the couch for comfort and relaxation!  

When it comes to corrective posture and comfortable, healthy back alignment, nothing is more important than comfort. That’s why the Caresoft has an airy, loose design with a honeycomb surface that keeps your seat from getting sweaty, and helps you stay cool and comfortable. No more uncomfortable fidgeting and twisting your back!

What Does This Mean, Long-Term?

Poor posture can lead to a whole host of other problems- including, ironically, further deteriorating posture. 

We want to avoid this to happen, by keeping the joints and nerves of the spine, hips, and the whole back in a healthy, comfy balance. This will help you with grinding and pressure from building up over time.

Where Can I Get One?

Everyone deserves to not suffer back problems. 

Right now, you can find them sold only at a few select online retailers- the inventory tends to empty pretty quickly.

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