Why This Eye Massager Can Be Life-Changing For Students, Office Workers, And Heavy Phone Users

All across the country, this new gadget is helping people rest and repair their eyes. Do you spend all day looking at a phone or computer screen? I’ve got news for you…

Phone junkies and students with tired eyes are flocking to this thing in droves. There’s a lot of buzz about how great it feels for your tired eyes… But, can you trust random internet rumors? We just had to get to the bottom of it, and find out exactly what it is, and determine if it actually lives up to the hype.

What Exactly Is This Thing?

This is the 4D Eye Massager

You could say it’s a facial massager… But, that’s leaving out all the details. This gadget actually has a couple of different functions. Like the title implies, it massages your face and eyes; but, what’s interesting is how it does this in 3 different ways.

See, let me explain-

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of your day staring at a screen

Maybe you do it at a computer for work, or your phone. We even do it when we get home, and relax on the couch with our TV! The bottom line is that these habits can be pretty aggravating to your eye. Ever notice how sore your eyes get after spending all day on your phone? 

Yeah, we did too. That’s what got our attention, and the rumors about how amazing it feels really spiked our interest. So, we just had to give it a try, ourselves, so we can give you a low-down on how this thing works.

That’s why our editorial team decided to order one, to see how it lives up to the hype.

Anyway, enough suspense- let’s jump into it!

What Does It Do?

There’s more than meets the eye, here (pun intended). When you put it on your face, it massages the full area around your eyes…

…And, it does this in 3 different ways!

The 3 massage functions are: 

  • A hot compress, at a temp of around 42 degrees C, improving blood flow and microcirculation in and around the eyes
  • Air pressure massage, stimulating the pressure points of your face to trigger deep relaxation and blood flow
  • Vibration massage, 60-80 frequency per second for quick relief and delicate comfort for your tired eyes

Side bonus- it plays music on Bluetooth, to help you relax and enjoy it even more! 

This massager works using combinations of those 4 functions to give a deep, multi-function treatment for your eyes. Personally, I really needed this because I spend all day writing on my computer.. Day in, day out, your eyes will feel better every day. If you’re a heavy phone user, student, or office worker, you’ll notice a big difference in how soothed and gentle your eyes feel!

So, Why Is This Thing So Popular All Of A Sudden?

These days, people have to spend more and more time staring at their screens. 

Some people work all day on a computer. Some people (like students) read tiny letters from a big textbook to study all day. Some people spend lots of time staring at a bright phone. Some people relax by watching TV in a dark room.

Obviously, judging by how your eyes feel after a 3 hour Netflix binge at midnight, it’s not good for you!

It’s an amazing feeling, when you can relax your eyes, and soothe them after hours of damaging blue light exposure. However, most people don’t have anything in their home to handle this! Your eyes are a sensitive, complex organ; When technology hurts them, it takes technology to make them feel better, too.

Until now, most people didn’t have an affordable way to treat facial soreness, eye fatigue, and eye pain.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 massage functions, and each operates in a unique way.

  • Vibration function: vibrates between 60 to 80 VPS (vibrations per second) to give quick relief

  • Hot compress function: uses infrared technology to conduct a comforting heat to the facial pads. Because it’s run by a machine, it can perfectly maintain the optimal hot compress temperature of 42 degrees Celsius– unlike conventional compresses, that get colder as the water cools
  • Pressurized massage function: a soft airbag inflates and deflates, strategically stimulating pressure points on your face, giving a massage that feels like it’s being done by a masseuse’s hand

Here’s the real beautiful part (and my favorite):

Not only are these functions all amazing, on their own… But, they even work together. If you want, you can do 2 or even all 3 of those massage functions, at the same time! It comes to a total of 5 intelligent cycles.

This gives you a wide variety of treatments that you can enjoy. This helps you: 

Use heat to increase circulation and blood flow
Reduce jitters, eye twitches
Physically comfort a worn out or sore face
Soothe your tired eyes with boosted microcirculation
Reduce tension and stress hormones

Common Questions We’ve Seen…

 Q: Is it loud?
No, it’s pretty quiet- it’s actually great for relaxing. They even play music through Bluetooth to block out unwanted sounds.

Q: Does it require setup/installation? Charging?
The only thing you need to do before using it, is charge it. There’s no setup at all- it’s pretty simple!

Q: How do I clean it? Is there a lot of maintenance?
The maintenance is pretty much non-existent. A damp cloth, followed by a soft dry rag, is all you need to keep it clean.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as you’d think!

This thing is basically 4 different products all in one:

  • A Bluetooth music player can be around $50
  • A traditional compress is usually $20 (and nowhere near the quality of an infrared-heated machine compress, which is usually more like $70)
  • A face-wrapping vibration massager, which is hard to find, and usually upwards of $200
  • An automatic, air-pressure facial massager is even harder to find- the only one our team found on Amazon was $149!

The 4D Eye Massager, however, combines all of those functions, and only costs $199,99. Yes, $199,99- when the usual cost of these 4 different functions could come to over $450, when added up.

Right now, that price is actually cut in half- people can get it for only $99,99!


How Can The Price Be So Low?

How is it only $99,99? Yeah, I was pretty surprised- infrared technology, let alone skin-friendly automatic massager and full vibration comfort, is not usually that affordable. But, to combine all 3 things, and it’s still cheaper? How’s that even possible?

We were skeptical, as you should always be when buying hyped-up products online. So, we did our due diligence on the company that sells it.

Here’s what we found;

-The distributor is based online, so they lack overhead costs. Why does that matter? Well, a company with less overhead costs doesn’t need to drive up costs to make a profit!

-The production system is efficient. By sourcing the technology straight from the manufacturers, and using affordable, high cost-to-benefit materials, the producer- and therefore the buyer- can save a lot of money.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind product that actually combines different eye massaging technology, in a way that’s affordable!

Why Is There A Sale Right Now?

Youmight  wonder; why would something so popular be sold at such a big discount?

Here’s the thing- this is a common business strategy.

Online companies, when they announce a new product, usually kick things off with a big marketing campaign, focused on the massive discount for early buyers. 

They let the hype spread, as more and more people find out. Then, suddenly, when everyone is hooked, and people want to buy…


The price goes up by double, or even triple, and their profits explode.

Closing Thoughts; Is It Worth A Buy?

ABSOLUTELY! In my opinion, anyway… Here’s why;

I work on a computer, all day. Like most Americans, I get more than 8 hours of eye-to-screen time, per day, and it really takes a toll. I have a hard time sleeping, my eyes twitch, and my face is full of stress.

Now that I’ve started using this, I’ve realized how much tension and soreness I was carrying. Tension that I wasn’t even aware of.

How much time do you spend reading, every day? Do you read from a textbook with little words, or watch a tv screen? Do you use your phone or laptop in a dark room? These are all things that I’ve done, and they took a toll. 

Honestly, I’m shocked at how much better this has made my eyes feel… And, just made me feel better in general. If you’re a heavy reader, phone user, or computer user, I really think this could help your eyes feel, and see, better.

In fact, there’s even a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who’s not happy with it- so there’s no real risk, to begin with. Seriously- you can’t lose!

Right now, you can get yours by just clicking this link:


Personally, I recommend you get it before the price goes up!